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“He who want to be served must first know how to serve.”


Chrishawna McClain


God’s Vision Corp was founded by Chrishawna McClain, a Baltimore native. Chrishawna’s story is one of triumph and perseverance. Chrishawna was once a homeless single mother but now a successful business owner in Baltimore City. Coming from the heart of Murphy homes projects, Chrishawna is now the proud owner of Triple A tag & Title and Z & S Breakfast Carryout. She founded God’s Vision Corp to provide wrap around services for single mothers in Baltimore City as well as transitional shelter for women and children. Chrishawna is a firm believer that you can’t have a testimony without a test! Being homeless in her past, chrishawna feels, Coming from the “inside out” rather then the “outside in” she can restore HOPE! And show women that they too can be or do more...

Vice President 

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson growing up in the north west area of Baltimore city has always had a heart for Baltimore. Michael’s biggest goal was to become employed by Baltimore City Police Department as an Police Officer. Being diagnosed with kidney failure at age 21 forced him back to the drawing boards. Micheal’s had a successful career in the IT field for for years until his health became too much. Financially Micheal suffered losing mostly everything he had worked for. Now Founder and Owner of M3 Property Management LLC. He is now in able to provide housing for people in similar situations


Tyra Taylor 


Tyra is a person who loves to give back and uplift the community in anyway She can. Her passion is to help women and men trying to heal from addictions and life hardships. She herself was a single parent that made it with the help of other’s, and She believes it’s her duty to reach back to help the next person.

Board Member 

Larry Cooper 

Larry wakes up each morning praying and thanking God. His goal in life is to be best father, brother, companion, uncle, etc... to any and all that He comes in contact with. Because of his age Larry feels that He has a lot to offer and much more to learn. He believes that each one can teach one and that we can all learn from each other.